So(Much) So(Nora) So(Lovely)

So(Much) So(Nora) So(Lovely)

2015-11-25 23.34.33 (2)This time last year, many things were different.

We didn’t know Bubbles.
We didn’t know a thing about Hotline Bling.

And we certainly didn’t know how far So(Nora) would soar.

At least, I didn’t. But something in John M. clearly saw with the sight of the soulful. I will let our wonderful volunteer tell the tale:

The look of love is in her eyes. Perhaps because her papa John M. is on the other side of the camera?
The look of love is in her eyes. Perhaps because her papa John M. is on the other side of the camera?

“Time for a one-year update on our Nora, the little cat who turned us into Foster Failures(TM) last April. She’s been everything we hoped for. We were concerned about her health, but except for a brief recurrence of worms early on, she’s had no medical problems since. Although she’s still small as far as cats go, she’s now a normal weight for her size, thanks to a seriously healthy appetite.

“I tried to teach Nora to come to me for affection by giving her a few crunchies after petting her. While she still approaches me, after only a couple of pets she makes a beeline for her crunchies dish, then turns a gives me a look that says, Well?

“While she gets along well with all of us in the house, human and feline alike, Nora has decided that my wife Pat is her very favorite. When Nora wants something, she approaches Pat and trills, as if to say Mama, I’m hungry! or Play with me! Sometimes Pat trills back, and occasionally whatever she’s saying in the Feline tongue leads to a brief but intense conversation of mutual trilling.

2015-11-16 21.56.21 (6s)“Pat told me that one day she was on the family room floor doing back exercises on a mat, when curious Nora came over and put her face in Pat’s, as if to say What are you doing down here? Are you OK? Then she tried taking Pat’s elastic bands away to play with them as though they were snakes.

“A big gray cat named Bear, who belongs to one of our neighbors, regularly visits our house, peering through a window from a perch on the railing or peeking through the glass of the back door. He’s a friendly fellow, and I’m sure he’d like to come inside to get to know us better, but we won’t take that chance. One reason is that the way we usually learn Bear is around is when Nora lunges at him. Fortunately, the glass or the screen stops her, because I’m afraid poor old Bear wouldn’t get much of a welcome from her.

“Evenings at our house sometimes find Nora disputing our 15-year-old black cat Nicky to determine who will get to lie on the couch close to Pat. More than once, she’s braved a whapping from possessive Nicky to claim a place with her human mom. When we go to bed, though, Nora is the only cat on it. For a while she may lie on Pat’s chest, but when the lights go off, she frequently sleeps curled up behind my knees. That makes it tricky to turn over, but it’s worth it to know she feels safe and secure.

Every day is Christmas when you're this loved.
Every day is Christmas when you’re this loved.

“I’ve been told that the Animal Control Officer who rescued Nora and gave her the name Sonora observed that she was very scared, and questioned whether she could become a pet cat. But thanks to him and to Tabby’s Place, that’s just what she is now, sharing our home and our love.”

So what’s in a year? So(Much) magic. Thank you for loving this girl with all your strength, John and Pat. Human beans like you are our very favorite.

All photos courtesy of John M.


2 thoughts on “So(Much) So(Nora) So(Lovely)

  1. What A good cat. Wow! Beautiful photos of a truly beautiful little ladycat. Wonderful update – always so good to hear that another Tabby’s Place kitty has found such happiness.

  2. This is a message to trumpet from the highest mountain peaks — even a severely shy cat can be a wonderful companion! Tremendous appreciation for you, Nora-momma-and-poppa, for giving her the chance to love you!

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