Epilogues: March 2016

Epilogues: March 2016

25794259072_bf4441ee64_kBlimey, kittens; it’s another month in the books.

Fortunately, this one came in like an Eponine and out like an Armand.

"April sounds nice. Can I eat it, Reggie?"
“April sounds nice. Can I eat it, Reggie?”

Let’s March forth, shall we?

Arrived: Eponine, Sherbert, Gretta, Reese, Gizmo, Amber, Frank, Armand

Adopted: Zoe; Jabba & Cletus (together); Moe & Tiger (together); Ethel; Phil; Eenie & Aziz (together); Meenie; Miney; Sheldon, Reginald & Tortini (TOGETHER YES TOGETHER YES I AM YELLING); Joni; Lita

Returned: Rupert, Lita, Badger

Readopted: Lita, Badger

Cleared from Quarantine: Tina, Louie, Ellen, Whoopi, Whitney, Valentino, Chachi, Mary, Wesley, Hawkins

Banished to Ringworm: NOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOONE.

"No, Rickman...but if it's half as cray as March, you'll get adopted like me."
“No, Rickman…but if it’s half as cray as March, you’ll get adopted like me.”

Promoted to the Community Room: Kaycee (pictured in top thumbnail)

Promoted to Heaven: Oscar

Stuff We Learned: When naming cats Eenie, Meenie, Miney and Moe, one must consider the implications of each name taken in isolation. There is now a well-loved “only cat” named Meenie out there by his not-at-all-meen self. The naming of cats is, in fact, a difficult matter.

Onward, cherished felines, marching unto April.

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  1. Somewhere our dear tabby angel Jean Valjean is smiling, Angela! And, also some where, are the awesome adopters with loving patience and adoration to give our little Badger the perfect forever home. And, again also some where out there, there must be an incoming tabby with enough presence and awesomeness to be named – Jonathan!

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