Guest post: That’s so Nora

Guest post: That’s so Nora

April 8 - 4 days after adoption

A lot can change when you’re little.

A lot can change when you’re learning.

But far more than a lot will change when you’re loved.

June 19 - Posing nicely at Pat's feet
June 19 – Posing nicely at Pat’s feet

So it is with Sonora. Or, to be more precise, Nora nee Sonora.

Take it from her papa, wonder-volunteer John M.:

“It’s been a few months since you’ve had a update on our little girl, who came home with us April 4. As she approaches her 1st birthday, Nora’s health has been very good. She hasn’t had an URI since the first few weeks, and after arriving at Tabby’s Place weighing less than 3 pounds, her healthy appetite has brought that up to a more normal level.

“Nora and our other cat, 14-year-old house panther Nicky, have been getting to know each other, and while they aren’t buddy-buddy, they’re sharing our home just fine, with only the occasional hiss, swat, or both.

“After a short time with us, Nora stopped hiding, hissing and attacking. It’s been only a few months, but she’s no longer the undersized cat who feared everyone and hid in her litter pan. My wife Pat is home all day, and this summer, granddaughter Diana has been spending days with her Nana, so the two of them get to spend as much time with Nora as she wants.

July 7 - Curiosity drew the cat to the dish towels
July 7 – Curiosity drew the cat to the dish towels

“She’s training me, too. Pat and I were just sitting at the kitchen table after breakfast, when Nora walked into the kitchen. Our good girl was dragging one of her wand toys, and she stopped next to me and dropped the toy at my feet. I took the “hint” and played with her.

“A cat who knows what she wants and how to get it — now, that’s a Good Cat.”

And that’s a grand life. Thank you for loving the changes into reality, John and family.

All photos courtesy of John M.

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  1. What good news – both for Nora and for a few good cats. Fans of Tabby’s Place and a few good cats are so happy to hear this wonderful update. Nora has hit the jackpot – a loving forever family.

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