Jail Time for Former New Waver’s Cat Abuse

Jail Time for Former New Waver’s Cat Abuse

Dale BozzioSeveral months ago I posted about the animal abuse charges against Dale Bozzio, former lead singer for the new wave band Missing Persons.  Bozzio was charged with 12 counts of animal cruelty after investigators found her house stuffed with neglected cats.

Bozzio went to trial in April and was found guilty (though not of all charges) and it looks like she will actually do some jail time.

If you follow animal abuse cases you probably know that the convicted abusers often get off with nothing more than a slap on the wrist.  I think that Bozzio is getting off easy with only 30 days of jail time (the sentencing recommendation was 1 year).  But it still helps send a message.missingpersons45

You can read about the trial here.  It’s interesting, though disturbing, reading.  Bozzio painted herself as an animal lover who has a history of saving animals, even when she puts herself at risk.  The article also notes that Bozzio is/was currently trying to earn a degree in animal science.  God save us all.

I have always wondered why people collect cats.  It seems so puzzling.  Do they think they are helping the cats?  Is it a form of OCD?

I have recently stumbled across a new hypothesis for this behavior.  The hypothesis is quite bizarre, but I believe it is, at least, credible.  Stay tuned for a two-part posting on this.

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