Cats are winning the arms race

Cats are winning the arms race

catplaypolaroid4I have always felt that cats were quite well armed as they come from the factory: hyper-sensitive hearing, built-in night vision, razor-sharp claws loaded with deadly bacteria, bionic sense of smell.  The Department of Defense labs still can’t match this kind of armanent.

But, apparently that’s not enough for some hawkish cats.

It seems that catplaypolaroidzoom5some cats have started a black ops lab to manufacture mobile, armored weapon systems to escalate their war against dogs.  Underground surveillance shows that they are already deploying tanks and that fighter plans and bombers are not far behind.

With 100 cats at Tabby’s Place, I’m worried.  They’re dangerous enough already.  We toss the suites at random times, looking for catnip that was smuggled in illegally. 

But I’m afraid that we may need to start looking for weapons.  kennedyI shudder to think what a cat could do with an RPG.

By the way, you really should visit this British site to see the other cool toys they have for cats.  And, be sure to watch the videos.  They’re hilarious.

2 thoughts on “Cats are winning the arms race

  1. Jonathan, resistance is futile. All we can do is hope our kitty overlords treat us well. All dogs are asked to report to the nearest cat for further instructions. All hail our kitty leaders!

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