“And the Mouse Police Never Sleeps”

“And the Mouse Police Never Sleeps”

frontcoverI wonder if any of you recognize the album cover to the left?  On second thought, if you’re old enough to remember (like me), your eyesight has probably deteriorated to the point that the image is too small to make out.

 In any case, the cover is of a seminal rock album: “Stand Up,” Jethro Tull’s 2nd album, released in 1969.  And, yes, this does have something to do with cats.  I’m not  that old.

I suspect many of you don’t even remember Jethro Tull.  They were one of the most popular rock bands of the 70’s, led by frontman Ian Anderson’s incredible song writing, singing and flute playing.  Ian was absoltuely manic on stage and seeing them live was an event I will not forget.

I stopped paying attention to the band after their heyday decade, but recently heard some of their old songs again on satellite radio.  I had forgotten how great they were.

And (getting to the point), I was surfing, looking for Tull information when I stulmbled across a song of theirs entitled “And the Mouse Police Never Sleeps.”  It is a very cool song, with a great title, about cats (duh), which was on their album “Wild Horses.”  I couldn’t find a good video of the song done by Tull, but I did find this nice amateur video of cats with the song as background.

And, if you can find that tie-dyed t-shirt, put it on and check out Tull at their finest, doing a live version of my favorite Tull song, “Locomotive Breath.”

3 thoughts on ““And the Mouse Police Never Sleeps”

  1. Jonathan:

    The kitties of the world will be pleased to know that Jethro Tull lead singer Ian Anderson has become quite a successful salmon farmer!


  2. errr… some of *do* remember Tull from their heyday! And loved them then and now. But I’m loving even more the kitten who just wants to be the black kitty’s friend.

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