Ray Guns

Ray Guns

ray-gunWhen I was kid all the boys wanted a ray gun.  What could be cooler than toting a nifty-looking weapon that one could use to fry anything that got in your way?

What’s this got to do with cats?

Wait, there is a connection.  A while ago I stumbled on this image of a ray gun for sale:


I was dismayed to find out the gun was a Mega-Sonic ScatterCat Pest Repeller.  Yes, it’s a way to

  • “Repels dogs, cats, squirrels and other nuisance animals without harming them
  • Target animals over 20m away with laser-light aim sight”


You can read about it here.  If you look around the site, you’ll see quite a codyrayguncollection of non-harmful animal deterrents, including: Motion Activated Ultrasonic Cat Scarer, Mega Sonic Cat & Dog Repeller.

Despte the fact that the stuff is not particularly animal-friendly, the names make me chuckle.

So, this wasn’t my ray gun follow.  But I can still dream …

4 thoughts on “Ray Guns

  1. I would love to hand this little gizmo to Rascal and turn him loose on the five or so neighborhood dogs that keep him awake almost every night…kitty-power on the loose!

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