Cats vote early and vote often

Cats vote early and vote often

catsforobama12Apparently you’re not allowed to vote more than once in national elections.

But nobody told the cats that. Besides, the rules are different for international intergalactic elections…especially when there’s one hundred meeeellion dollars at stake for everykitty involved.

catsparellalogo1OK, technically it’s $1,000. And I’m not entirely certain that folks read cat blogs in other galaxies. (Wait, who am I kidding? Of course they do.)

What really matters is this. One of Tabby’s Place’s bestest bloggy buddies, Catsparella, has been nominated for Best Social Integration Blog in the prestigious 2011 Petties awards. Because Catsparella is awesome beyond measure, she’s pledged to donate the $1,000 prize to help the Tabby’s Place cats if she wins.

Make that when she wins. Because that’s where y’all come in.

petties_2011You can vote for Catsparella every single day, multiple times a day, right here. You don’t need to vote in every category or provide any personal info; just click on Catsparella under “Best Social Integration Blog,” then submit.

Again, and again, and again.

If this were a presidential election, I’m fairly confident this would be a felony. (Or treason on the high seas, or something like that.) But it’s not…so it’s not.

picture-3What it is, is awesome.

Catsparella, we cannot possibly thank you enough. We were already colossal Catsparella fans at Tabby’s Place, but this is just the sprinkles on top, the whiskers on the kitten, the stripes on the tabby. You rock our socks.

Felis Catus fam, you know what to do: let’s make this a big win for Catsparella and the Tabby’s Place cats.

And, as an advance thank-you, I leave you with not one but two videos of that mammoth mushball…Sluggo.

5 thoughts on “Cats vote early and vote often

  1. I voted….saved the link here at work. I’ll vote again from home and have Greg do the same.
    Anything for all the Tabby’s babies!! I can’t wait to meet Sluggo, he looks bigger than Joe!
    (who by the way is being a brat the past couple days and terrorizing one of his new little sisters – off to solitary for him for a few more days….. but of course we still love him!)

  2. ditto — vote over and over! The video of Sluggo is adorable but you MUST see this cat — he is enormous and beyond adorable!!! Sluggo-licious!!

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