In which I have no comment

In which I have no comment

Be it known: Sluggo sits like Homer Simpson.


Repeatedly, and at various angles.


For the moment, everything else is irrelevant.

Now go forth and have an outrageously excellent weekend, ya hear?

Brief housekeeping note: I will be out of town next week. I will be in Spain, where I am Queen. (That’s all true fact, except the parts I made up.) Anyway, you will be in the capable blogging hands of Jonathan. If he isn’t posting as often as you’d like, feel free to email him repeatedly and ring his extension every hour on the 8s. Actually, please don’t do that. I’d like to come back to a job, especially since times are tough in Spain these days. And Spain doesn’t have Webster. Anyhow: see you on or around the 23rd. Salve!

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