Some days…

Some days…

…you just need simple goodness.

I’m talking ripe strawberries. Turquoise skies. Your favorite, achingly soft T-shirt. The news that Bill and Ted are back and more excellent than ever.

And near the summit of simple, life-giving graces: kitten photos.

This post demands the disclaimer that these kittens (Anise, Cayenne, Clove, Coriander and Nutmeg) are already spoken for. So, let your gazing pleasure be unpunctured by the longing to catch them all. You cannot have them, but you can hold them in your heart and hold a party for their happy lives ahead.

(Also: if you actually do want to catch them all, you’re in luck. There are more kittens where these came from.)

This post is hereby posted with thanks to God for making kittens, and thanks to Jess for fostering these particular fribbles, and thanks to our stalwart on-site staff for finding the time for this photo shoot of epic fabulosity.

There’s always time for joy.
Even when things smell bleak. Especially then.
Be excellent to each other, amici.

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