Love stories: Elias

As long as it’s February, it’s still winter. But the cats of Tabby’s Place would like to distract you from that with something shiny: the ongoing march of the Valentine’s month love stories. Today we revel in the magic of a little girl and her meant-to-be orange-and-white guy. Big thanks to Elias’ 12-year-old AwesomeAdopter for […]

Jazzing it up with Zatarain

Whenever one of us would say Zatarain‘s name “normally,” the same way you might say “river” or “house,” Denise would gently correct us by saying it the right way: “Zaaaaa-ta-raaaain!” Yes, this little cutie is named for the rice, ”a New Orleans tradition since 1889.” Since being born 120 years after his namesake rice, Zatarain has […]