Kitten Fund

Whether accompanied by mamas or, more typically, as scared orphans, kittens tumble into Tabby’s Place every spring. They quickly take over the sanctuary … and every heart.

Newborn kittens may be smaller than a hamster when they first arrive, but it isn’t long before they’re rumbling gleefully through the Kitten Room, enjoying every minute of growing up and learning how to be a cat. After stealing our hearts, Tabby’s Place kittens inevitably dance out the door in the arms of forever families.

But along the way to “happily ever after,” kittens need a lot of help. It’s not easy being itty-bitty; kittenhood is an adorable but fragile and dangerous time.

This is especially true for Tabby’s Place kittens, since we rescue cats from the most hopeless situations. Kittens who come to us are typically orphans, injured or ailing. These little ones need around-the-clock care; patient hand-feeding; frequent veterinary attention; and a palette of vaccinations, treatments and medications to ensure that they make it through infancy in good health.

Given their tiny size and undeveloped immune systems, kittens are at special risk of attack by parasites and diseases. The younger the kitten, the greater the challenge of survival, so the more we must do to nurture and “mother” the littlest ones.

For newly-born orphans, this includes keeping the kittens warm and clean, and nursing them with kitten milk replacer via bottle or tube every few hours for several weeks.

It’s a job we’re thrilled and honored to do – but kittens need your help to grow up strong and cherished. Kittens get ’round-the-clock attention and tender care at Tabby’s Place, and this intense staff and veterinary attention is costly. In addition, high-calorie food; vaccinations; deworming medications and antibiotics kittens need are expensive.

Your monthly donation will help our kittens to get the gentle, watchful care they need. As a kitten sponsor, you start the littlest cats out on a lifetime of love. In fact, yours will be some of the very first care and affection these little cats will know.

Each month, you’ll receive updates and photos of the kittens you’re helping – and you’ll get to see them grow up strong and well-loved.

Won’t you help the littlest Tabby’s Place cats to flourish?