Toasted Musk & Lovingkindness

Toasted Musk & Lovingkindness

Musk Seeds
Musk Seeds

Many people who work in animal welfare find that, as the years pass, they like people less and less.  This happens because they are naturally exposed to the awful ways that people treat animals.

I have to confess, however, that after 8 years in this field, I actually like people more and more.

The secret: I started with a very low opinion of people.  I have always felt more comfortable around (non-human) animals and had very low expectations for my species.

But since starting Tabby’s Place, I have been utterly amazed by the kindness of people.  I have seen cats adopted that I was sure would be with us forever, due to their conditions (a few examples: Twig, Bagheera, Tashi, Gabriella).dscn5485

In addition, we are often contacted by people who have rescued cats with apparently insurmountable  disabilities.  read this from Roberta in France and you will see what I mean (& underatand the relevance of “Toasted Musk”):

Hi, I just heard about you and you cat sanctuary, and I thought that maybe you could give me an advice.  I live in Palermo, Italy, and about 3 years ago my daughter found a paraplegic cat.  The radiography showed that one of the lower verterba is broken, he was very sick but we cured him and now he his strong and healthy, we only have to change his diaper twice a day and help to the needs.

dscn5611… here are a couple of picture of “Muschio Tostato” (something like “Toasted Musk”), the first is with his best friend “Nocemoscata” (“Nutmeg”) and is from when we find him, the second one is more recent.

Simply amazing …. and seriously raises my expectations for homo sapiens.

6 thoughts on “Toasted Musk & Lovingkindness

  1. Aaaawwww, wearing a diaper just like my Remy! There are good people in this world. Thank you Roberta. And I completely agree with you about the human race. My faith in my species has been reaffirmed by the people at Tabby’s Place and the whole world of rescue. Our species is both the cause and solution.

  2. Roberta you are obviously a very caring person, bless you. Jonathan, you are right, since I started volunteering with a no kill rescue organization I have met so many wonderful people who really care about the animals and will do whatever they can to help them. The sad part is how many people are still out there who have no regard for the life of an animal. Unfortunately, I have seen that side a few times also.

  3. one of the wonderful things about Tabby’s Place is that we get to connect with other humans who share our heart — it’s a beautiful thing! Thanks, Jonathan, for sharing this great post!

  4. Thank you everybody for the nice words and for let me know I’m not a crazy lady like someone (and some of them are actually vets) think.

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