Bagheera’s New Job

Bagheera’s New Job

030Long-time readers of this blog will remember the inimitable Bagheera.  If you’re a newbie, you can catch up on Bags at these links: Special Needs Sponsorship page, “Where They are Now”.

While most cats are, frankly, pretty bad at “giving back to the community,” I am proud to report that Bags is paying it forward in spades.

As his adopter reports:0301

Bagheera and I have recently joined “PAWS for Friendship here” in Tampa, FL (volunteer pet therapy visits).  During May we went to the middle school where the kids would read books to Bags. Now that school has ended we go to assisted living, nursing and alzheimers facilities. He glows with all the attention. It is so much fun to do this together.

Here are some pictures of him and his official gear. As you can tell he is not fond of clothes. Please share these with everyone.

033Bagheera was one of a kind. And now he is helping others. Gives me נחת to have helped raise such a good boy.

5 thoughts on “Bagheera’s New Job

  1. just like Tabby changed the world with his legacy…his mom and dad creating Tabby’s Place…s little Bagherra is changing his corner of the world. Isn’t it amazing what one little cat can do?

  2. I remember so well our first visit to Tabby’s Place and seeing Bags in his little corner of the lobby. What an inspiration he has become. Bless you Bags and keep up the wonderful work you are doing.

  3. I just want to take this opportunity to tell you what a great job Angela does with her writing. I usually don’t post a comment, but she’s very funny, NEVER negative about what’s obviously the most challenging medical issues, and of course quirky in her outlook. It’s always uplifting to visit here.

  4. Mina, you are too kind, and I suspect my Mom sent you to make this comment. 😉 Truly you made my day. Thank you for that!

    But I must confess: this post is 100% Jonathan. Some weird glitch in our system is giving me the byline, but I cannot take credit for the wit and wisdom of our Founder/Executive Director. (I also confess I am impressed by his figuring out how to put Hebrew characters in the blog. I must learn this skill.) JR wrote this one and the one before (Toasted Musk & Lovingkindness). And he did it awesomely.

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