Ever new

Ever new

You, dear human beans, give me hope.

It’s my fervent hope that you give yourselves hope, too.

There are new songs to be sung…

As I peck out this post, I’m up to my earlobes in your kindness. You have so lavished the cats with love this holiday season that it will be a good while before I can come up for air from thanking you and delivering your donations to the cats who desperately need them.

I’ve been at this post for nearly a dozen years now, and I never cease to be amazed that you keep showing up so spectacularly. Make that “amazed to the point of tears.” You give not sparingly, not “prudently,” and certainly not because you have to…but because you want to, you get to, it makes your deepest depths dance to love with all your might.

…new dreams to be drummed…

Your love keeps Tabby’s Place going — and growing, to reach the little ones still longing for our touch, your touch.

So take hope today, kittens. You are a bright, brave light in this weird world of ours, and it’s the greatest honor to pounce on a New Year with you.

With great love,
your astonished dunderhead
Development Director Angela

…new love to be sprung free into a world that so sorely needs it. Thank you, dear ones.

1 thought on “Ever new

  1. Well, always thankful for gratuitous cat photos. You are right, here – we support Tabby’s Place with pleasure. We are lucky to know of such a wonderful cat sanctuary – the world is better because of the the light that shines in Ringoes. It is an honor to contribute in some small way to the happiness and love of the Tabby’s Place cats. All of the cats – and all of the people – are wonderful.

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