Guest post: True love

Love comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, vectors, and ways. Love can grow slowly, strengthening with time and togetherness. Love can creep up on us like a cat on the prowl, knocking us off our feet, taking our breath away, and leaving us wondering what hit us after it escapes out grasp.

Free as Pixie

I’ve been thinking about freedom, and not just because of recent holidays (Independence Day, infinite Hamilton happiness, inevitable annual whinefests about Other People’s Fireworks, etc.). I’ve been thinking that I don’t think we always remember what freedom is about. I’ve been thinking that, if I’m gonna be free, I want the freedom of cats. Specifically, […]

Second firsts

This maddening time has been greedy for our goods. Whatever your station and situation, COVID-19 has surely reached its gooey fingers into your world to take, and take, and take. But every here and there, those grubby paws have dropped gifts into our laps. And, once we’ve thoroughly disinfected those gifts before bringing them into […]