deep thoughts

Endless breadsticks

I have many special memories of Tabby’s Place’s staff veterinarian, the eminent Dr. C. My favorite: performing a lunchtime duet of “Rock Me Amadeus” for a righteous purpose. Some of our younger staff members couldn’t quite believe us that such a song existed. Now they know better. They are also slightly and appropriately frightened. My […]

Naked and unafraid, Part II

When I was in high school, all of my best friends were boys. Each January, I prevailed upon them to join my “Banish Winter Campaign,” which entailed wearing our brightest possible colors every Friday. In my case, this was a ghastly glorious rainbow; in theirs, T-shirts in various shades of olive green, frequently bearing the […]

Springing forward

Maybe you were kind of a recluse before All Of This. (Maybe “kind of” is kind of an understatement.) Maybe you’re scared to death to admit you’re scared to death of everything returning to pre-All Of This. Maybe there are things you’ve learned to love about a global pandemic. It’s all OK. In fact, it’s […]