Epilogues: December 2018

Epilogues: December 2018

A Tabby’s Place year has ended.

A Tabby’s Place year has begun.

Knickers has the knack for knocking us flat with his feats of extreme lovability.

But before we begin beginning to tell 2019’s tales, let’s sing out the last verse of 2018. Old year, you were grand, you were gutting, you were greater than we’ll ever be able to tell.

Thank you for your final gifts and mysteries:

Arrived: Felicity; Kirito; Asuna; Jude; Francesca (pictured in top thumbnail); Mr. Jones; Peg Leg Pete; Yardley; Hazel; Hickory; Maggie; Montana

Adopted: Tundra & Taylor (together); Onondaga; CornPop; Melba; Gatti; Maurice; Gentoo & Ubuntu (together); Katniss; Yokohama; Primrose; Zora; Kirito & Asuna (together); Pirelli & Sherman (together); Sauerkraut; Constance; Kraft; Sullivan; Hydrox; Heinz; Prince; Kimchi; Opa; Dorothy; Felicity; Trillian

Returned: Wilbur

Cleared from Quarantine: Rowena; Chad; Francesca; Knickers; Mr. Jones; Peg Leg Pete

Cleared from Ringworm: Crystal

Banished to Ringworm: Rambo; Tiger

Opa asked no questions of Sherbet our new she-ro. But, oh, the tales he will have for his new fambly…

Cleared from Confusion: Sherbet, our sweet old man, who was discovered during a procedure to be a sweet old spayed female cat, no I am not making this up, yes Sherbs is all girl, yes we are embarrassed, OK now let’s all move on together.

Restored to Confusion: Senora Sherbet, upon the joyful adoption of Sherbs’ best bud Opa

Promoted to the Community Room: Catsup

Promoted to the Lounge: Yardley

Promoted to the Lobby: Rowena

Promoted to Heaven: Chachi

2019, please be kind. We promise to return the favor.

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  1. Heinz! Hooray! Tuxie wonderful Heinz has been adopted. I just know he and his wonderful family will have many wonderful love filled years together. And Opa. Another wonderful black and white boy! Lots of wonderful adoptions and welcome to new arrivals! Farewell to dear Chachi – we will always love you. And Tabby’s Place – we love you all!

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