Cat with medal

With apologies to Charlie Sheen, the cats are the ones who really know what winning is about.

And, I dare say, they do it with a splash more grace.

I could natter on about the Tabby’s Place cats’ victory in this year’s NJVMA Animal Hall of Fame, but a video is worth many millions of my words. I dare ya not to grin, laugh and tear up at the following.

Special bonus points if you can name every single cat featured. Double-extra-special bonus points with sprinkles if you can name the cat who is missing even though he is the handsomest, loveliest and best. (And triple-infinite bonus points if you agree that I am not biased at all.)

This sweet success was possible only through the hard work of Tabby’s Place volunteers Joanne Cole, Kim Kilmer, Lisa Schuyler and Bonnie Wagner-Westbrook, who worked together to create the cats’ winning nomination.

But the truth is that we human beans are the real and daily winners here. We get to share the lives of creatures who exude love on a daily hourly moment-by-moment basis. We get to share their journeys, meet their needs, and in turn find our own needs met more than we could have imagined. We get to know the grace of a love without condition.

And that is the biggest win of all.

PS: Sweetening the cats’ win was the extraordinary company they kept at this year’s induction. Do check out fellow victors Tilly, SamsonGreyhound Friends of NJ, and longtime Tabby’s Place friend Kanga. Warning: you should click these links only if you like happiness and joy.

7 thoughts on “Winning

  1. Queen, Harvey(or Myles or Elias or Bartholomew)?, Boots and Yasmin, Hootz, Nuttin!, Halie, Oreo, (tail of Franny?) Bialy, Tashi, Trifle, Harvey(or Myles or Elias or Bartholomew)? again, Harley, Tashi and Bialy again (and a little of Franny), Alison, Nuttin, Kirk, (Tanya? – I know she loves the nest), Cali, Edward, Oreo and Nuttin, Edward, Natalie, and my handsome boy BOOTS!

    That would be Webster!

    Congratulations on an awesome win!!!! And thank you Joanne, Kim, Lisa and Bonnie for making it happen.


  2. Angela, I know I’m partially copying someone else’s answer, but do I get extra points if I can manage to put them all in alphabetical order?

    Here we go: Alison, Bartholomew, Bialy, Boots, Cali, Edward, Elias, Franny, Halie, Harley,
    Harvey, Hootz, Kirk, Myles, Natalie, Nuttin, Oreo, Queen, Tanya, Tashi,
    Trifle, Yasmine

    Missing cat: Webster

    No, Angela, you are not at all biased. After all you do everything you do for the good of the cats.

  3. this is beyond beautiful, beyond deserved, beyond description. Tabby’s Place deserves every award and accolade out there! I just wish every cat there could have had a little piece of this video — they are all so incredibly special!

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