Volunteer Appreciation Week Guest Post #2: Larry

Volunteer Appreciation Week Guest Post #2: Larry

We continue Volunteer Appreciation Week with a missive from one of our most favorite humans: volunteer Larry.

“I was asked to tell my story of why I have become a volunteer.

“I was born in November 1939 and soon found myself living in Texas. In 1949, I moved with my family to Denver, Colorado. I graduated from East High School with the class of 1959.

“Looking for a means to support myself, I joined the US Army in April of 1960. After three years, I was discharged and decided to look for career employment. Working in a department store did not offer the future I wanted. As a result, I reenlisted in the army, making a career in military law enforcement. I worked in this field for twenty-five years.

“As a single soldier, I lived in the barracks until I was promoted to senior grade. After this time, I was no longer required to live in a barracks. Living in private quarters, I had access to greater opportunities not available to most soldiers.

“I retired from the military in 1984. I was offered employment in military law enforcement as a civilian. I worked in this area for an additional twenty-one years. This was a good career, and I enjoyed the work.

“As a volunteer, I worked in crisis management when my assignments presented the opportunity. After retiring from the army, my employment as a civilian meant I would not be required to move every two or three years. I was able to volunteer with a rescue squad, and was a member for twenty-one years. This was enjoyable and provided me with the ability of be of service to my community.

“I retired for good in December of 2006. More importantly, I was financially able to do what I wanted. I also realized I had to keep busy. Volunteering at a hospital didn’t work out. I didn’t like what I was doing.

Larry with one of his all-time favorite kitties, the late, great Yasmine.

“I always have been a cat person. I believe love is what makes the world go around. Love provides the opportunity to do what you love. As a result, I ended up volunteering at Tabby’s Place.

“We all have a common interest: taking care of the kitties we love, and providing companions for people who often live their lives otherwise alone. You can even be alone in a crowd. As a result, I have become very close to Tabby’s Place people. It has given real purpose to my life.

“I have been at Tabby’s Place ten years this May. They have been the best years of my life.

“In summary, here are my jobs:

  • Army Sergeant First Class
  • Police Lieutenant
  • I clean litter pans”

Larry, one of our jobs at Tabby’s Place is to stand in awe of you and your love. Thank you, more than words can say.





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  1. I feel like I know you, Larry. Over the years different folks are mentioned in Angela’s blog or we read the monthly journals of individual cats and get to know people by their style of telling stories about kitty activities. All of the people at Tabby’s Place are people I know would be a friend. Thank you for your love of Tabby’s Place!

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