Volunteer Appreciation Week Guest Post #1: Karen

Volunteer Appreciation Week Guest Post #1: Karen

Attention, Felis Catus fam: your regularly scheduled blogular programming is about to be interrupted for a most delightful reason.

It is Volunteer Appreciation Week…and Tabby’s Place just so happens to have the world’s most appreciable volunteers.

But we don’t just wanna thank these radiant folks and lavish them with ice cream (although such lavishment will be forthcoming).

We want to hear their songs.

And we want you to hear them, too.

So, enjoy the first in a series of posts from our beloved Tabby’s Place volunteers…and, while you’re at it, think about joining our feet-on-the-ground, kisses-on-the-cats community, too. Now, step up to the mic, dear Karen B:

“The dictionary defines a volunteer as ‘a person who offers him/herself for a service or undertaking without pay.’ A basic explanation, yes, but for me, volunteering is so much more.

“To say I love cats is an understatement. For me, having cats in my life is a need as basic as the air I breathe and the water I drink. And since I can only have so many at home (without turning into the Crazy Cat Lady), I volunteer to help as many as I can, to have as many in my life as I can.

“It doesn’t matter if I’m cleaning a litter box, folding laundry, doling out treats, or cuddling an elderly cat in need of attention (my favorite cats of all). If I am in the presence of cats and, hopefully, doing something to make their lives more comfortable and safe, I am happy.

“For me, volunteering is not about ‘doing’ or ‘giving,’ because I receive so much more than I could ever give. Without cats, and volunteering to help cats, my life feels empty. Volunteering gives my life meaning. It fills my soul and makes me whole.”

Thank you, dear Karen, for filling the souls of two species with invincible love.

And, thanks to Karina for lining up this week’s guest posts and images. As far as the cats are concerned, every single week should also be Volunteer Coordinator Appreciation Week.



2 thoughts on “Volunteer Appreciation Week Guest Post #1: Karen

  1. Indeed! Every week should be Volunteer Coordinator Appreciation Week! Karina is one of a kind and a blessing to all those her light shines upon – human and feline.

  2. People that love animals (especially cats) always seem to be the best of people. Thank you for being there for Tabby’s Place cats! Please cuddle Steve and Miriam for me – tell them flicka in Florida loves them.

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