Taking his lumps

Taking his lumps

110307-pumpkin-white-bed-by-pamThere are many ways to soften a Monday morning.

Wearing a giant yellow taffeta hat. Eating Dunkeroos for breakfast. Smooshing your face into the nearest cat belly (not recommended with certain bellies…yet). And, best of all: savoring one of the sweetest alumni reports my heart has ever seen. Like the best mashed potatoes, this adoptee’s life is made lumpy with true love.

110307-pumpkin-sink-by-pamJust see if your Monday doesn’t get a little lovelier after feasting on this, straight from the keyboard of verified AwesomeAdopter MamaPumpkin:

“My husband, PapaPumpkin, and I adopted our cat Pumpkin (the former Lumpy) from Tabby’s Place in November of 2007. Our love for Pumpkin continues to grow stronger by the day.

“We had gone to Tabby’s Place in search of a kitten. But once you get there and meet all of the amazing adult cats at Tabby’s, it’s nearly impossible not to fall in love with one of them, or ten of them for that matter. Kittens are always in high demand, so it feels great to adopt one of the adult cats, maybe someone who might not have such a high chance of being adopted. It’s an amazing feeling adopting a cat from Tabby’s Place.

“Words cannot describe the difference Pumpkin has made in our life. Pumpkin is such a loving and caring cat. I often hear people say that cats don’t want to have anything to do with people and just want to be left alone. I say these people don’t know what they’re talking about.

110307-pumpkin-rollin-by-pam“That is definitely not the case with our Pumpkin. Pumpkin always wants to be wherever we are. Whether I’m doing work on the computer, ironing clothes, reading, or watching a movie, he always has to be in the same room. It’s amazing, too, that he always seems to know when one of us is upset or when one of us is sick; he will stay by our side until we are feeling better. He is at the door when we’re leaving for work in the morning, almost as if he is asking us not to leave. And then, when I get home from work, he is always at the door waiting for me. He rubs his cute little face against my legs, jumps up to greet me, and purrs like crazy. He will then jump up on a chair or table so that he can be at my level and rub his adorable head against by head. It’s a great feeling, being loved by a cat.

“Pumpkin’s hobbies include playing fetch, getting manicures (yes, he actually likes getting his nails trimmed & filed!!), basking in the sun, drinking (water, of course), taking walks with his leash, back rubs, and bird watching. Pumpkin loves to sit at the window and watch all of the action going on outside. He is also there to stand guard.

110307-pumpkin-box-by-pam“You see, Pumpkin is not a cat person, and he has a little fit when another cat steps paw on his property. He is very protective of us and his property. He’s like a little guard kitty. Don’t let the tough guy act fool you, though; Pumpkin is quite the softie when it comes to us. He absolutely loves to cuddle. Each and every night he lays on the couch with us. Even though Pumpkin is not a cat person, he has turned many others into cat people. Pumpkin has completely changed many people’s view on cats. I have yet to meet a person who does not LOVE Pumpkin.

“Every day I look at Pumpkin and I think to myself, wow, we are so lucky that this wonderful cat found his way into our life. Pumpkin is truly an angel. He is such a blessing to us.

“Our lives will never be the same, and we owe it all to Tabby’s Place. If you’re considering opening your heart to a kitty, definitely check out Tabby’s Place. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.”

MamaPumpkin, your wit, wisdom and photos of infinite sweetness say it all so truly: it is a great feeling, being loved by a cat. It’s also a great feeling (and a great blessing) to know such a wonderful cat-cherisher as yourself. May your tribe increase.

Meantime…ten thousand smooshes to your orange blessing Pumpkin, please.


4 thoughts on “Taking his lumps

  1. Absolutely love the photo of Pumpkin drinking from the faucet!!! Also love the one where he looks just like a little guard-kitty with only his eyes and ears sticking up above his box on the back porch!! Too cute for words;)

  2. This is what it’s all about! Tabby’s Place saving cats and matching them with the purrfect forever home, changing people’s (and cats’) lives in ways beyond measure. I love that Pumpkin is on a leash and now allowed to roam outside! He is beyond adorable and this story makes my heart sing!

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