Epilogues: August 2023

Epilogues: August 2023

There must be some hidden hoard of helium in the walls of Tabby’s Place.

How else to explain the ups and downs of August, our hearts bobbing like airships?

Firestar has blazed forth to his forever home

We shall leave aside all the obvious jokes about cats (correctly thinking) we are full of hot air. But we shall not be able to leave August without acknowledging its balloonacy.

It’s as though a kitten has been running down the beach with our strings in her mouth. Actually, that’s an exquisitely apt description of every day at Tabby’s Place.

But under the Perseid meteors, in the echo of the ice cream man, we have endured upshots and upheavals of untamed dimensions.

We lost friends we’re still not sure how we will live without.

We gained friends we’re still not sure how we ever lived without.

We made friends with adopters who the entire world deserves to hear about.

It has been scientifically verified that Echo is the most precious entity ever to walk the earth. Stay tuned for her story.

We stayed friends with a world that takes the wind out of us, only to give it back in the kisses of kittens.

We stayed amazed:

Arrived: Echo, Lumi, Neige, Eira, Sunny, Star, Ice Spice, Nicki, Sammy, Hazey, Lovebug, Dylan (pictured in top thumbnail), Flower, Mae, Deputy, Geraldine, Zulu, Kilo, Foxtrot, Tango, Alfa, Bravo, Pancake, Josephine, Blackberry, Blueberry, Gooseberry, Wilson

Adopted: Jigglypuff; Javert; NooNoo & Po (together); Pumpkin & Grayson (together); Dipsy & Tinky Winky (together); Chloe; Firestar (fire up the band AND THE YELLING! YES I AM YELLING!); Barbie; Lightning McQueen; Star; Golbat & Zubat (together); Esmerelda; Travis & Van (together); Patches; Ponce de Leon & Andy (TOGETHER! YES IT IS A HAZARD TO PLACE THIS MUCH MAGNIFICENCE UNDER ONE ROOF! YES THE ADOPTER IS PREPARED! YES I AM YELLING!); Baja; Weetabix; Ken; Tiger; Mars; Tropicana; Fusion & Fission (together); Dunn; Rainey

(Additional Ech-evidence, just in case you had any doubt.)

Returned: Mayo

Promoted to the Lobby: Photini

Promoted to the Lounge: Chicken Nugget and Taylor Ham for maximum deliciosity

Promoted to Heaven: Tofu; Boom; Samantha

Freaking Everyone Out With His Fabulosity: Jerome, aka Jeromio, aka Jerome for the Home, pictured in top thumbnail

Uncontested Queen of This Starcluster: Prescott, our Linda Fund poster cat, and the face that shall launch a thousand ships of generosity…including yours?

“You know you wanna sponsor me.” – Queen Prescott the Great and Good

Stuff We Learned: No one is too far gone, too needy, too weedy, too greedy, to be someone’s everyone. “Unadoptable” is a lie. “Unforgettable” is always at hand.

“Unafraid” is how we head into September, even knowing it will tug our strings.

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