Love deeper than sorrow

Love deeper than sorrow

Crystal, with whom Larry had a very special bondWhen people ask me why I’m so in love with my job at Tabby’s Place, I tell them the truth: I get to love cats and love people all day.

In the course of all that love, sometimes someone puts things into words in such a way that the Big Truths about what we do become gloriously clear for just a moment. Recently, devoted Tabby’s Place volunteer Larry penned the following, which is too good, too true, not to share with you.

Lillian, who Larry adored - and vice versa“Reading your post [Grady in Glory] has brought many things to mind. I have shared my home with but a few kitties. I have lost some and felt the deep loss only we can understand. That being true it has only happened a few times. Tabby’s Place is different in that it gives us the opportunity to know, and love, many different kitties.

Jonathan told you about the sad part of Tabby’s Place and asked if you can live (with)/accept that heart break. To be honest I don’t believe any of us can. The best we can hope for is that we can learn to live with it. I know the deep hurt that we share after losing one of our kitties. Even today when I think about Crystal, Lillian, and Freda, that hurt is so deep it is almost unbearable. That hurt may never go away but their memory helps me live with it.

Freda, who Larry cherished dearly in her brief time with usThe second thing that helps is sharing the love that is Tabby’s Place. Most people are not able to understand our love for the kitties and each other as we do because we [have] accepted the heart break. We also accept the joy that comes with our work to care for them. Knowing who we are, and what we do makes it easier to go on. You are all special to me. As I have said, I have never done anything that has more meaning to me.

Thank you for being a part of my life and allowing me to be part of yours.”

 Thank you, Larry, for putting it so well and so truly, and for loving the cats so deeply.Crystal

4 thoughts on “Love deeper than sorrow

  1. Nicely said Larry.
    Sometimes when I am trying to encourage others to volunteer, I tell them a *not so* secret truth. I get more out of volunteering than I could ever put into it. It makes volunteering seem almost selfish to me.
    It sounds crazy to some, but, then again, they are usually the people that don’t do anything (or something about) things that they truly love and care about.

  2. Larry — what you wrote is beautiful and put into words what the rest of us have in our hearts. The pain is great — but could you imagine NEVER having loved a cat like Grady or Freda? I have lost many cats in my lifetime and it never gets easier — but I would not trade the pain and tears for anything…the love I have had for and gotten from each and every cat cannot be measured. And Kathryn — what you wrote about getting more out of volunteering that you give — ah, yes! I truly understand how you feel — and doesn’t it make us just want to give more?!

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