Epilogues: January 2020

Epilogues: January 2020

Whereas: January has ended.

Whereas: February is a mini-month, even when it leaps.

Resolved: Winter is on the run.

Was Wilson named for the volleyball, the Seahawk, or the British Prime Minister? Only Wil knows…

Not buying it? Well, I’ll wing one more whereas atcha: crocuses start shimmying up as soon as February, and even if ice pelts them, they don’t croak.

Yes, we’re spring-bound now. The cats are already contemplating cabanas in the solaria, claiming dibs on the coolest beach blankets we’ve had donated since last year. They have forgotten about snow and coronavirus and the injustice of Lizzo not winning Best New Artist.

Yet even Januaries are not without their charms and consolations, and it just so happens that they are overwhelmingly feline:

Arrived: Missy (looking all mystical in the top thumbnail), Puddin‘, Boo Bear, Snippers, Cotton, Simon, Topache, Serena, Venus, Anita, Dorito, Fenek, Talena, Finn, Pierogi, Circe, Figaro, Tipsy, Beatty, Bing, Sage, Suzie, Jack

Hana banana. Take her home? You know you wanna.

Adopted: Ghost, Hickory, Dante, Churchill, Ted, Poe, Outlaw & Sheriff (together), Grace, Bugsy, Winston, Nikki, Fry, Shea, Lydia & Delia (together)

Returned: Thalia

Cleared from Quarantine: Hana, Dumpling, Wonton, Missy, Puddin’, Boo Bear

Banished to Ringworm: Tadpole, Toad, Topache, Circe, Figaro, Talena

Promoted to the Community Room: Koda

We will meet again beyond the Shadowlands, dear friend.

Promoted to the Lobby: Cotton

Promoted to the Lounge: Simon

Promoted to Heaven: Shadow, Moira

Stuff we learned: There’s a new contender for the title of Tabby’s Placeiest Cat In The History Of Tabby’s Place. Mutant appearance: check. Indescribable otherworldly turbocuteness: check. Incontinence: check. Three-continent travelogue: check. Occupation of a playpen: secured. Cotton, you’re the king.

Winter is still with us, but so are miracles and wonder and heart-shaped marshmallows and magical mutant Persians, which I suppose are the same thing. Here’s to 29 days of leaping life, kittens.


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  1. Some great adoptions in January. Awesome adopters will have new furry Valentines to make new memories. And Cotton – what can I say?
    Surely the fluffiest muffin in the lobby. Shadow and Moira, sadly gone, dearly beloved. Thank you Angela, love these monthly updates!

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