Epilogues: May 2019

Let it never be said that May is monotone. Stuff went down this past month, kittens. Billy Ray Cyrus returned to the radio, achy-breaking all of our ears if not our spirits. The President of the United States of America presented a very large trophy to a very large man at the Grand Sumo tournament. […]

Epilogues: October 2018

November arrives full of “alls.” Yesterday was All Saints Day. (The cats celebrated themselves appropriately.) Today is All Souls Day. (The cats snickered “bless your soul” at us inappropriately.) And tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow, we’re lavished with the luscious “alls” of 125 Tabby’s Place residents in all their muchness.

Into the light

Whoever they are and whatever they’ve been through, cats don’t do “pretentious.” Felines simply don’t find it worth their time to say “the ramifications and consequences may be salutary” when they could say “it’ll be fine.” They have no need or desire to impress you with their erudition learnin’. They are what they are: take […]