Epilogues: April 2019

Epilogues: April 2019

Oh youze guyze…

…it’s here…

…it’s back…

The Cuteness of Jupiter is recognized on forty eight planets

…it’s the one and only, lusty month of May.

These are the days of miracle and wonder, when even the grumpiest curmudgeon cats are tra-la-ing through the sanctuary. Don’t be surprised if you catch Chewie or Cisco or a random Tabby’s Place staff member reenacting scenes from Camelot in the solarium.

But first, let us not forget the aches and awesomes of April. Here’s what bloomed under our noses:

Arrived: Scoots; Jake; JJ; Morelli; Bronn; Dracula; Jaguar; Toto

Adopted: Knickers; Hunts; Marble & Cinnamon (together); Deej; Matlock (pictured in top thumbnail); Fuzz; Sullivan; Picard; Lucas; Mr. Eko & Pete (together)

Behold Lotus the Great and Good!

Returned: Bugsy; Lotti

Cleared from Quarantine: Neera; Cheela; Sadie; Judy; Peep; Powder; Kirk; Marsala; Arlo; Philly; Cindy; Shadow; Chloe

Forever Foster Fabulosity: Yardley, with the incomparable Jess, Mother of Princess Bubblegum

Banished to Ringworm: JJ; Jake

Promoted to Heaven: Juliana

Stuff we learned: Reality is broken. This is the only acceptable explanation for the fact that Lotus has not yet been adopted. LOTUS HAS NOT YET BEEN ADOPTED. What is wrong with you, humans?

Now go forth and enjoy this shocking time of year.

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  1. Thank you for this update. Lotus has not been adopted? Well, some wonderful adopter will soon see her glow and she will be swept up and away to a loving forever home. And Yardley is now living with Princess Bubblegum, safe in the loving arms of Jess. Thank you Jess.

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