To know Yardley is to love her madly.

But, first, you have to choose to know her.
With her quiet ways, Lady Yardley won’t demand your attention. She’s more Queen Elizabeth than “We Will Rock You,” peacefully awaiting your affection.

But, sure enough, Yardley’s Renoir-beautiful face will draw you in, her gentle blinks whispering, “I’d love to be your friend.” Once you sit beside her and begin loving her — and letting her love you — you’ll be one smitten kitten.

Yardley is one of the gentlest, most kindhearted cats we’ve met at Tabby’s Place. Her quiet exterior veils a heart of gold, and she needs only the merest hint of affection before she’ll begin loving you back with zest.

We can’t imagine how anyone would abandon such an enchanting girl. But, it seems that’s what happened; Yardley was found wandering, lonely and confused, as though she hadn’t been outdoors very long. When we whisked her in from the cold to the comforts of Tabby’s Place, we discovered that she was sweet on multiple levels. She had an angelic personality…and a persnickety pancreas. Yardley was diabetic.

Sadly, cats with Special Needs like diabetes are sometimes rejected by their owners due to the expense and inconvenience of caring for them. But Yardley found a haven at Tabby’s Place. We embrace Special Needs cats as our very own, promising each one that she’ll always receive the care she needs to thrive, regardless of cost.

That’s proven a life-saving promise for lovely Lady Yardley. Shortly after her arrival at Tabby’s Place, she developed a mysterious, frightening illness, suffering from severe diarrhea and rapid weight loss. After multiple rounds of testing and consultation with specialists, Yardley was diagnosed with Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI).

Rarely seen in cats, EPI is the inability of the pancreas to manufacture and secrete the necessary enzymes required by the body to digest food and absorb nutrients. Left untreated, EPI causes the body to starve, no matter how much food the cat eats.

Happily, EPI is treatable. By supplementing Yardley’s meals with a pancreatic enzyme, she will be able to digest her food properly. She cannot have treats or any other food unless the enzymes are in it. Fortunately, Yardley eats her supplemented food with joy.

In addition to her dietary supplement and daily diabetes care (including blood glucose monitoring and insulin), Yardley receives medication to prevent diarrhea. We also treat her with vitamin B12 and an anti-nausea medication, as well as a prescription diet.

Lady Yardley is living, loving proof that cats with serious Special Needs can lead full and healthy lives, sweetened to perfection with love.

Given her many medical issues, we realize that Yardley’s charms may not be enough to get her adopted. You can nurture this darling girl as her sponsor, keeping her healthy and cherished for as long as she needs us. Please open your heart to Yardley; she’d love to be your friend.