Into the light

Into the light

8528114897_811367d903Whoever they are and whatever they’ve been through, cats don’t do “pretentious.”

Felines simply don’t find it worth their time to say “the ramifications and consequences may be salutary” when they could say “it’ll be fine.” They have no need or desire to impress you with their erudition learnin’. They are what they are: take them or leave them.

In other words, cats are not like grad students, bloggers or Piers Morgan. They were born — blessed? — without the need to impress.

8629312229_92cab0d182At times this can work against our favorite species, at least temporarily. Consider Shadow.

Although she in no way resembles the you-shaped thing you cast behind you when the sun shines, our girl has periodically given the wrong impression. Sometime before coming to Tabby’s Place, she gave some unknown assailant/cat/wolverine/velociraptor the mistaken impression that she was “delicious.” Poor Shadow came to us studded with bite wounds, necessitating a longer-than-lovely stay in quarantine (to rule out rabies).

The bitten-up beauty healed, only to give a few more mixed signals in Suite A. Was she friendly or was she feisty? Yes. Snuggler or snapper? Make that and, not or. Shy? Outgoing? Warm? Enigmatic? Wonderful? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

With no need to sculpt a particular “image,” Shadow was free to be exactly what she was, all her colors flashing in moment-by-moment realness.

8715629475_5bf664c72b_zA cat so unpretentious would simply need to hold out for a person in search of a big soul.

Well shine the light and blast the sousaphone, because Shadow and her big soul have found their forever.

This week, Shadow went home to a human who knows a thing or two about unpretentiousness. At 91 years of age, Signora Shadow has long since outgrown the younger-human’s folly of trying to prove and posture and preen. (Prancing is another story, as I am uncertain as to how she feels about Prancercise. But I digress.) One of the many advantages of advanced age (in addition to style) is knowing exactly who you are, and having no need to girdle your essence into someone else’s preference.

No pretension here: only love. And the consequences are exceedingly salutary.

Photo credits: Volunteer Jessapalooza. How much does she rock your socks, people? Not to be confused with staff member Jess, who does awesome videos like this. Yes, we are Jessically blessed at Tabby’s Place.

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  1. Love to see those black kitties get adopted! Thank you Tabby’s Place and Signora Shadow and thank you Angela – love to hear about what’s going on at Tabby’s Place.

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