Epilogues: October 2018

Epilogues: October 2018

November arrives full of “alls.”

Yesterday was All Saints Day. (The cats celebrated themselves appropriately.)

Today is All Souls Day. (The cats snickered “bless your soul” at us inappropriately.)

And tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow, we’re lavished with the luscious “alls” of 125 Tabby’s Place residents in all their muchness.

Stafford celebrates All Old Man Ear Hair Day.

Yes, holiday feasting is perpetual at Tabby’s Place.

But before we lumber into November, there’s some Octobering to remember:

Arrived: Tundra; Hannah; Chip; Edith; Judy; Oscar; Delilah; Onondaga; Cayuga; Seneca; Oneida; Huron; Prince

Adopted: Tagalog; Finnick; Lettuce; Dudley; Serena; Arnold; Effie; Melman; Manny; Dijon; Caesar; Sookie; Sienna; Bill; Vidalia; Perry; Jack; Capella; Kowalski; Weebles

Forever Foster Fabulosity: Sabine

Cleared from Quarantine: Alfred; Fuzz; Melba(pictured in top thumbnail);Jenny; Gwen; Stacey

Cleared from Ringworm: Stafford

Kowalski celebrates All Splendorous Eyes Day.

Banished to Ringworm: Burt Reynolds; Arturo; Gatti; Wolfie

Promoted to Heaven: Shadow; Flip; Miss Bea

And now we have all of November ahead of us.

Give it your all, kittens; it will come back to you pressed down, good measure, zillionfold.


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  1. Thank you Angela, for this wonderful update. Great pictures of Kowalski and Stafford celebrating eyes and ears are a poignant distraction from the sad news of little Flip and Miss Bea and Baby Shadow, gone too soon but never forgotten and always in our hearts. Hopefully we will hear some good news about sweet Sabine, now in Fabulous Forever Foster. Tabby’s Place staff and volunteers and fabulous forever Fosterers and wonderful cats (yes you, Steven and Miriam) make my heart sing – Bless you all!

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