Guest Post: Fridaze

You are on a journey through space and time. No, you aren’t in The Twilight Zone. You are somewhere far more interesting, vastly more magical, and eminently more real. You have entered Tabby’s Place: A Cat Sanctuary. You are here with me. It’s a Friday. Let’s go! We’ll start by swinging wide the big, blue […]

In the final analysis

I’ve lived enough lives to know: you do not need to fall prostrate before anyone who begins sentences with, “In the final analysis…” If it’s final, it’s not much of an analysis. And if it can be analyzed, it’s not a living mystery (e.g. you, me, the cats, the trees, the stars, Paul Rudd).

Epilogues: October 2021

If witches have “familiars” (cats, toads, bats, senators, etc.), we — whatever we are at Tabby’s Place — have “peculiars.” Halloween has come. Halloween has gone. All Saints and All Souls have made their annual appearance. But holidays are perpetual at the Place called Tabby’s, and we’re rich in treats and tricksters, holy mischief-makers and […]