Epilogues: May 2021

Epilogues: May 2021

Friends are reuniting. F*R*I*E*N*D*S are reuniting.

As months go, you might say this May was The One With High Hopes. Then again, we are in the business of cats, so hopes around here are always Himalaya-high.

Noire, forever loved

On the lurching, loving landmass that is Tabby’s Place, we’re uniquely familiar with the ebb and flow of hopes and terrors.

Some days we’re picnicking under a Super Flower Blood Moon and rejoicing over >50% vaccination rates; other hours, our hearts are bleeding out over back-to-back brutal losses, hands tied to help human beings continents away or cats one room over.

One moment we’re catching our breath; the next, we’re up to our earlobes in knucklehead cats from Oman determined to permanently banish sanity from the premises.

Littermates little and large. “Write ‘size ain’t everything, woman!” – Ramekin

The structural integrity of this “sanity” is permanently under threat.

But the mirth goes on, and May made much of it. Let’s review the rolling fields of flowers, feline-style:

Arrived: Nessie and her niblets Sasquatch and Yeti; Oslo, Stevie, Dorothy, Dexter, Dee Dee, Turnip, Rutabaga (pictured in top thumbnail), Sprout, Radish

Adopted: Azula, Phil, Tilapia, Moonlight, Consetta, Valentino, Nero, Koi, Carp, Dace, Pike, Betta, Creamsicle, Salmon, Zelda

Cleared from Quarantine: Charly, Flash, Stevie

“Let the record show we are still here and SUBSTANTIALLY MORE INSANE THAN BEFORE! Write ‘substantially,’ woman!” – Mr. Thief and J’Happy


Returned from repeated attempts at Fixin’ To Diiiiiiiie: Ramekin

Promoted to the Big Cheese’s Office: Fontina

Promoted to Heaven: Hobo, Mozzarella, Oscar, Noire

Stuff We Learned: You can’t keep a good Ramekin down, nor can you contain him within a ramekin. You can, however, laugh our loud with delight at the fact that he is the size of his siblings’ freckles. Runts rule, and Ram rules them all.

ALSO: if you shave Roxy like this, she will look at you like this, and if you tell her this is a “lewk,” she will tell you that she has hereby condemned the word “lewk” to the same circle of hell where she sent “doggo” and “all the feels.”

Reporting from the ninth circle of fashion hell…




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