Guest Post: Zesty: Brave Sir Bellamy

Guest Post: Zesty: Brave Sir Bellamy

Whether you realize it or not, you are very, very familiar with the Arthurian Legend.

Maybe you haven’t done the deep nerd thing (I can NOT make that claim), having never delved into Mallory (too much jousting!), Chrétien De Troyes (maudlin much?), or the Mabinogion (Welsh dictionary advised).

Maybe you have never participated in any role-playing games, or endlessly rewatched Monty Python – or maybe you have.

You probably HAVE seen (at least some of) Camelot, Excalibur, King Arthur, Merlin, or any of dozens of TV shows or movies, live action or cartoons. Maybe you’ve even gone to a Renaissance Faire.  Thus, you are sufficiently qualified to understand that Bellamy is so much more than simply Bellamy.

Allow me to introduce Brave Sir Bellamy of the House of Rosenberg, Resident of Ringoes, Lounger of Lobby, Catus sans Cagetorium! (Cue Trumpet Fanfare Medieval)

This is one Tabby’s Place tabby cat who is larger than life, or just large. Bellamy is a big fella, with a fondness for a head scratch. This beautiful knight in shining tabbydom is more regal than anyone ever called the lionheart.

Move over Cotton, there’s another king in town. (Sorry, little dude.)

Crowned with cuddly glory, Bellamy is accepting of people and Lobby-ists alike. Non-judgmental, he is fairly judicial as regards energy expenditure, stockpiling when he can to meet future needs. Becoming acquainted with Bellamy is almost effortless, but all of the effort is on the part of the staffer or volunteer. One goes to Sir Bellamy and awaits his pleasure.

As far as I can tell, Bellamy is not budging. I have yet to see that big boy do more than shift around to nuzzle more comfortably into his bedding or spare a glance at another kitty. Surely, he gets around – hale of health (with due consideration), hearty of appetite, herald of…okay, this is getting out of hand.

Over time, it will be fun to watch Bellamy bloom. He truly is a pussycat and a gentleman. Eventually, he may embark on some quest, seek his personal holy grail (likely some favorite yummies), and become a true errant explorer and hero of his own tail.

For now, he is simply Bellamy, zesty, tame, and true.

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