Gender Male
Breed DSH
Declawed No
Color White Orange
Markings Tabby
Personality Playful Friendly Affectionate Outgoing
How I Feel About Children Very Comfortable
How I Feel About Dogs Unknown
How I Feel About Cats Very Comfortable
Age 5 years
Special Considerations


On hot summer days, sometimes the best way to cool down is to enjoy an old-fashioned ice cream bar. While some of us might crave a classic cookie sandwich or a rainbow rocket pop, but we here at Tabby’s Place are hankering for sometime orange and creamy.

Creamsicle is just the cat for those with a summery sweet tooth! As soon as you open the door to the FIV+ Suite, Creamy will come running to greet you, looking eagerly for attention. He loves to rub against everyone’s legs and may tap you with his paws if he doesn’t get the love he craves. Creamsicle is the kind of cat who would follow you around the house all day and be a loyal buddy. He would be a great addition to a family that is home a lot and can offer lots of playtime and snuggles.

Sweet Creamsicle also gets along marvelously with other cats. He is a good friend to the shy cats in his suite and will often touch noses with them or snuggle in a bed with them. He would do well in a home with other cats or as a solo cat.

With a round, pudgy belly, big pink nose, and short, skinny tail, Creamsicle is physically a bit of an oddball, but his disproportionate looks only add to his charm. He’s a slightly chonky dude with a jolly demeanor and slightly reminiscent of a feline Old Saint Nick (minus the old!). He is young and healthy, with many long, love-filled years ahead of him.

Creamsicle is an amazing cat who deserves an equally amazing home! Do you think this dreamboat is the one for you? Fill out an online adoption application today!

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