Guest Post: Fridaze

Guest Post: Fridaze

You are on a journey through space and time. No, you aren’t in The Twilight Zone. You are somewhere far more interesting, vastly more magical, and eminently more real. You have entered Tabby’s Place: A Cat Sanctuary.

You are here with me. It’s a Friday. Let’s go!

We’ll start by swinging wide the big, blue door and waltzing down the hallway, around the bend, and into the lounge. Of course, we take time to greet the Lords and Ladies of the Lounge before signing in, pulling up our sleeves, and getting to work.

Back out into the hallway, we sidle into the lobby. Greetings to all! Valerie is scooching over for a pet. Hips is demonstrating his hipness and agility. A few pats here, a “hello!” there and there, and then we’re through the door into the laundry room.

This is the heart of the operation. Everyone at Tabby’s Place spends at least a small part of their day in the laundry room. Sometimes it’s a second to pick up lickable cat treats from the storage room. Sometimes it’s a minute to turn over the wash. Other times it’s an hour or three doing the hardcore chores: washing dishes, folding laundry, restocking everything and anything, and checking off the list of duties and tasks, and…well, it’s too much to go into here.

Once the list is checked off and the machines are doing the washing and drying and the feeders have yet to arrive to provide the evening meal, it is time to go visiting. Nothing so formal as a plan is needed, since scheduling conflicts are rare for the cats.

So, on this particular Friday, we swing into the suites – in proper order and in due course. Since you are joining me, we’ll start with Wonton, of whom you’ve heard much. This terrific tabby still hasn’t decided that the scritches and pets and love he gets from humans is a) completely wanted and b) worthy of such a majestically shy creature as he. We do our best. We enlist help by example from whatever other felines are around. We hang out, just to be near. Many Fridays, we get great eye contact and even Wonton leaning into the pets. YES! And, then, it’s time to move on.

The Suite C clowder now includes a very active, friendly Benji who wants to be your newest, bestest friend. He also wants all of the attention and a sweet seat in the solarium. Not to be outdone, all the boys come out for attention. Carrot, Elijah, Alex, Oscar, and Wilbur all request their preferred little bits to loads of pets. In the summer, the heat doesn’t bother them. In the winter, when it’s cold enough, everything is much the same, but indoors.

Always indoors, by contrast and regardless of the weather, we find Yuki in Suite B. An ever-changing (HOORAY ADOPTERS!!) array of companions, batting balls and scamping about, reinforces her preference for higher ground. She actually enjoys their company, when calmness abounds. But, for Yuki, it’s the human element that brings out the purrs.

After an excruciating extrication (so hard to leave a Yuki!), it is time to pay due deference to the executive cats Zelda and Honey. On the best days, the actual executive director is available for a brief chat and maybe a little cat-related insight or advice. But, no time to linger. It’s growing late, and the binder for writing up specific visits is in the Community Room.

So, off we go! There we are greeted by black and white grace and charm in the forms of Tux, Ralph, S’mores, and Infinity. Not to be outdone, Shelley, Dani, Jeannie, and Consetta all turn up the volume in response to proper attention. Added bonus, Jeannie might even hop on the conference table to help with writing. She’s an exceptionally gifted writer, as long as she isn’t required to hold a pen.

And, there! Work is done! Visits are done! Write-ups are done! It’s time to return to the lounge to sign out, pat those kitties, wish them a good week, and head out in a tired, but contented daze. 

Another Friday well spent, and another promising one to look forward to next week, and the week after that, and the next…

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