forever loved

Guest Post: Fridaze

You are on a journey through space and time. No, you aren’t in The Twilight Zone. You are somewhere far more interesting, vastly more magical, and eminently more real. You have entered Tabby’s Place: A Cat Sanctuary. You are here with me. It’s a Friday. Let’s go! We’ll start by swinging wide the big, blue […]

Guest post: Shattered peace

“Into each life a little rain must fall.” That, and other such dismissive platitudes, fail to comfort when the rain is a deluge accompanied by crashing thunder, tumultuous seas, fire, and brimstone. Okay, that last bit might be as much of an overstatement, and the adage is an understatement. But, there are times when our […]

Cheesequakes, part I

I think cats must pity us for focusing on all the wrong things. For instance: we lament, in shame-soaked tones, that cheesecake is “bad,” and we, its eaters, are bad by association every time we succumb. Instead, we could be marveling at the fact that cheesecake exists at all, and, as a bonus, is high […]


If I were to hold public office, my first act would be to end war and redirect every battle-dollar to feeding everyone of every species, preferably at the same table, whilst we all sing ballads and talk tenderly about our edifying differences. My second act would be to mandate that we all use the word […]