Epilogues: October 2018

November arrives full of “alls.” Yesterday was All Saints Day. (The cats celebrated themselves appropriately.) Today is All Souls Day. (The cats snickered “bless your soul” at us inappropriately.) And tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow, we’re lavished with the luscious “alls” of 125 Tabby’s Place residents in all their muchness.

The singer sings his song

When Jonathan first agreed to an official Tabby’s Place blog, he gave me a free rein with the merest caveat. “Be as outrageous as you want,” said he. “Don’t worry about a professional tone,” said he. “Just don’t write about, you know, abortion or the death penalty or anything like that.” Today, kittens, I risk […]

Epilogues: May 2015

If you read Felis Catus on the regular, you know: we do our Epilogues on the first Friday of the month. That’s Friday as in tomorrow, as in, not today. However, there’s news of Jurassic proportions barreling our way tomorrow. We don’t want to unveil this epic information before it’s officially hatched, though, hence the […]