Guest post: Summer of Sienna

Guest post: Summer of Sienna

IMG_7871Perhaps you loved Sienna long before she ever pawed upon the glass.
Perhaps your love went wild with her viral photos.
Perhaps you attempted to adopt her all the way from Amsterdam.

However you’ve loved Sienna, oh, my homies, have we got a treat for you today.

FullSizeRender(1)That treat is certainly not listening to me prattle on longer, so here’s the story from the AwesomeAdopter herself. Let’s call her Senora Sienna:

“I knew when I saw Sienna’s picture for the first time in June that she was special, and she tugged at my heartstrings. Here was a tough kitty full of personality, who was older and was starting over. I knew she was in a good place at Tabby’s Place, but I really hoped she would find a forever home. I forwarded her Facebook post and the blogs, and urged friends to apply for her. I had two cats at the time, an 11 year old and an 18 year old. The 18 year old was in a place in her life where she was declining quickly and did not need new friends, so I hoped someone would adopt Sienna.

“A few weeks passed, and sadly, so did my 18 year old kitty. Both Madison and I were distraught, and missed her so much. A Facebook friend sent me a post on Sienna. I thought it was probably horrible timing, but Maddi and I have so much love to offer, and Josephine vacated a large space in our lives. I knew I could not bring Josie back, or replace her, but I could bring another kitty into our lives to love in her honor.

“So I applied.

“After talking with the Tabby’s Place folks for a few days, I was pre-approved. I made arrangements to make the trip to New Jersey to meet Sienna, and I brought a carrier just in case.

“The first time I saw Sienna, she was in a room with other cats, and she was asserting herself with her more inquisitive roommates. After some treats, some attention, and some playing with toys, I was closer to a decision. As I left the room to talk with Tabby’s Place staff, Sienna started pawing at the window, and rubbing her face against the glass. If I had any concerns, they evaporated.

“Sienna made the 2 1/2 hour trip to Pennsylvania just fine, and ‘talked’ a good portion of the way. Once home, she settled in her ‘sanctuary room’ quickly, and explored my place when Madison was in my bedroom. She did not seem to respond to her lovely name of Sienna, so I started calling her random names. When I got to Chloe, she came to me. And each time I call the name Chloe she either chirps, or comes to me. I think she is telling us that for her new start, she prefers a new name. So Sienna is now Chloe.FullSizeRender

“Chloe is affectionate, sweet, and inquisitive. She has been very patient with the introduction process to her new sister Madison, and she is enjoying exploring my home, and making it hers. She loves her new toys, her bed, and snuggling with me in my favorite chair as I settle in to read a book or work on something from home. She pats my face and will pull my face to her if I do not look at her quickly enough. She also now sleeps with me in my bed, snuggled up against my side. She has spent many hours in my windows, watching the birds and chipmunks while basking in sunshine.

“Welcome home, Chloe. It would not be the same without you.”

Senora Sienna, none of us will ever be the same since this whirlwind of a wonder-cat spun through our spheres.

You are the mama and the miracle she danced for all along. The dance was a dream, and now the dream is truth.

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    The happiest of endings. Chloe looks purrfect in her new forever home. Senora Sienna, thank you for putting the cherry on top of this story!

  2. Awesome! Love that Chloe is well loved and bringing joy to her new home. Thank you for giving this special cat such a wonderful new beginning!

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