Epilogues: September 2018

Epilogues: September 2018

We interrupt your regularly-scheduled programming with Breaking News.


Fuzz feeling the buzz from your generous goodness

Yes, we have already addressed this, but once was not enough.

Seriously, kittens; you hit the grandest goal ever shot into the skies over Tabby’s Place, and you smashed it, and it shattered into ten trillion stars, by which I mean two hundred fifty thousand, nine hundred ninety six dollars. Every one of those dollars will go directly towards the care of extremely ill or injured cats, whisking them to the emergency and specialty vets. Every time a life is saved, you will be there.

And every time, we will be in awe. Of you.

“Thank you” is outrageously inadequate, so instead I shall regale thee with outrageously adorable cat photos. And also news:

Arrived: Alfred; Fuzz; Melba; Sherman; Weeble; Burt Reynolds; Arturo; Gatti; Sabine; Flip; Perry; Surprise; Jennifur; Jack; Sienna; Gwen; Stacy

Lettuce pray that October will be kind.

Adopted: Hemingway; Leah; Simon; Belle; Amy & Sheldon (together); Figaro; Miso; Kefir; Delilah

Returned: Crystal

Cleared from Quarantine: Suzy; Sullivan; Capella; Colleen; Taylor; Catsup; Mort; Kowalski; Melman; Skipper; Leo; Louie; Primrose; Finnick; Coleman; Dijon; Heinz; Hunts; Sauerkraut; Tinora

Banished to Ringworm: Effie, Stafford

Promoted to the Community Room All Too Briefly: Abalone

Promoted to JR’s Office: Opa

Catsup knows whatsup.

Promoted to the Lounge so as to avoid Death By Neighbor: Candace

Directly Involved With Aforementioned Lounge Promotion: Archer

Promoted to Heaven: Donna, Amos; Abalone, on whom more soon

Promoted to The Farm, which is entirely different from Buying The Farm: The Feral Four-Pack, too spicy to stay indoors: Honey Mustard, Gulden, Grey Poupon and Ketchup

Thank you, generous ones. You are the stars. You are the moon. You are the light of Tabby’s Place, and we love you.

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  1. Oh, Tabby’s Place! Happy about The Linda Fund – we know how important it is to be able to provide emergency care when needed. So sorry to hear about Amos and Abalone – because of The Linda Fund – this is when we know that they received the best and most loving care possible. Yes, Lettuce pray that October will be kind.

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