Thoughts from Larry: Out of the shadows

Thoughts from Larry: Out of the shadows

It’s been too long since we heard from longtime Tabby’s Place volunteer Larry on this blog.

But make no mistake; he’s been as busy as ever, delivering love and lunch to the Tabby’s Place TNR cats when he’s not lavishing kitties with tenderness here at the sanctuary.

Today, Larry has a special delivery of heartfelt musings for us. Inspired by hours “in the trenches” with our community cats, and rivers of tears for one late, great little soul, here are Larry’s latest thoughts. – AH

Shadow “Baby” enjoys a peaceful nap at Tabby’s Place

“Tabby’s Place has lots of kitties.

Some live at Tabby’s Place.
Some live in the homes of Tabby’s People.
Some live in community cat (TNR) shelters, and some live at the Rainbow Bridge.

All are cared for.
All are loved.

Today, it’s the feral kitties who are on my heart. Tabby’s Place supports several community cat colonies. They are managed by Tabby’s Place volunteers.

These colonies have outdoor shelters where kitties can keep dry, safe and warm in all weather conditions, all year ’round. Our shelters, though small, can generally provide sleeping space for up to four kitties each. Each TNR colony has feeding stations, where food and water are provided seven days a week.

But volunteers do much more than just feed these kitties. They monitor the the kitties’ health and well being. Kitties found to have health issues or injuries are trapped and receive veterinary care at Tabby’s Place. Our TNR program helps to ensure a happy and well structured life for these cats.

Shadow, also known as ‘Baby,’ lived in one of our community cat colonies. Tabby’s Place helped by providing shelters and a feeding station. Baby and a small number of other kitties thrived there for several years. Good things catch on, and the station was run by numerous caring volunteers.

As time passed, though, Baby’s needs changed. When the tiny, elderly tabby became weak and frail, Tabby’s Place took Baby in for treatment. She was placed in a warm place and given love and lots of food, plus all the medical care she needed to feel more comfortable.

Baby was ready for the Rainbow Bridge all too soon, and Tabby’s Place gently let her go in a final act of love. This kitty was and will be forever loved. Baby was not cold and alone when her time came.

Thanks to TNR, we were all able to say ‘goodbye.'”


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  1. Goodbye, Baby – beloved little feral tabby. We all know you or cats like you. We love you and never will forget – you live forever in our hearts. Thank you, Larry and Tabby’s Place. These little cats are always on my mind, and I had been hoping to hear that Tabby’s Place TNR shelters were thriving. Thank you for loving all of them, and all of us, too.

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