We’ll treat

We’ll treat

You may be a Kit Kat kid. You might be a Reese’s rascal. You could be a Good & Plenty guy or a Whatchamacalit woman.

You may even be a Goobers goober.

Whatever your confection of choice,* Tabby’s Place has your treats taken care of. You just have to join us this Saturday, October 13th.


Yes, kids and kittens of all ages: this Saturday is Chip or Treat, Tabby’s Place’s answer to October’s favorite festivities.

No matter your plans for the 31st, you can get your Halloween on — gloriously — with us on the 13th. Seriously, you don’t want to miss this mirth, much less these munchies.

From 12-4pm, we’ll be microchipping cats and dogs (ergo “Chip”); offering free self-guided tours at which you can actually trick-or-treat with actual cats (ergo “Treat”); and doing ridiculous things like having a costume contest in which both you and your beastie can enter.

There will be prizes.
There will be deliciousness.
There will be lots of love for lots of cats.
There will be both Jonathans.
If we’re lucky, there will be at least one person dressed as the smaller of the Jonathans.

But you have to be here, Halloweenies, and you have to dress up. (C’mon. It will not be fun if you show up un-costumed, and we know you are so much fun to the square inch.)

So make this Saturday a smorgasbord of love. Chip and Treat with us.

Official stuff I have to say: preregistration is required for free microchipping, and it expires today, so click here and get to gettin’. Also, I cannot guarantee that we will actually have actual Good & Plentys. I can guarantee that we will actually have actual Jonathans x2. I can also give you directions on getting to Tabby’s Place.

*Personally, I’m a Russell Stover Sugar-Free Strawberry Cream character, if you’re asking and/or bringing me chocolates.

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  1. Wear your favorite Tabby’s Place cat t-shirt! Halloween has always been a favorite holiday. Used to love dressing up to answer the door for trick or treaters. The last couple of Halloweens, though, we had to eat the candy ourselves. (Oh, the sacrifices we made.) Seriously, microchipping is so important. Thank you for reminding the public. We will be there in spirit – thinking of Steve and Miriam and all of the wonderful cats and people.

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