Epilogues: March 2019

Epilogues: March 2019

We came. We marched fourth. We marched thirty-first, even.

And now, we shall April.

It’s undeniable spring now, the time when we’re all fools unless we’re too wise to be any fun. The earth itself is so excited it’s erupting in crazy colors everywhere, and winged things are yelling their glee for us.

Is it any wonder the cats are climbing the walls with delight? No, really; they are climbing the ramps built into the walls, the better to scramble out to the solaria, the better to bask and bake and be melted and smelted into cat-goo by the returning, resurgent sunshine.

We are all liquefied to squeeze cheese in the presence of Cheela.

Yeah, I’m excited too.

But before we double-handspring straight into spring, let’s bear witness to the last wisps of winter:

Arrived: Neera; Cheela; Alexander; Sadie; Judy; Peep; Robert; Robin; Powder; Picard; Kirk; Marsala; Laura; Cooper; Dale; Diane; Leland; Benjamin; Blueberry; Ruby; Jupiter; Dahlia; Calla; Arlo; Philly; Cindy; Shadow; Chloe

Adopted: Millie; Pawla; Hamsa; Wolfie; Purrscilla & Celsey (together); Crystal; Robin; Elsa; Abby; Jennifur; Honey; Robert; Alexander; Maggie

Returned: Merriweather; Mr. Eko; Hope; Conga; Deej

Cleared from Quarantine: Marble; Cinnamon; Lotus; Lex (pictured in top thumbnail); Luro; Tennison; Neera; Powder; Picard; Kirk

Banished to Ringworm: NOOOOOO ONE.

Judy expresses her perspective on Brexit. Either that or vegan cheese, she was not clear.

Forever Foster Fabulosity: Chocolate

Promoted to the Lobby: Cheela and his EXTREMELY LOUD VOICE OF EPIC POWER

Promoted to Heaven: Joan; Jonathan

So get out there, springy ones. Prove our buddy T.S. Eliot wrong. Our cats (jellicle and otherwise) wouldn’t have it any other way.


1 thought on “Epilogues: March 2019

  1. Awesome and wonderful adoptions! It is not easy to let Wolfie go – only the knowledge that this is what Tabby’s Place is all about – a wonderful forever love filled home for every cat – and a wonderful life fulfilling experience for every adopter. This is a great March update, Angela. Hmmm – so there is a new cat named Diane? What a wonderful name.
    (almost as if it were mine) Waiting to be able to read her presentation paragraph.

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