Tiny, tender, and white as the December moon, Tadpole entered this world in peril.

It’s tough enough being a newborn kitten, but Tadpole was born on the streets of New York City. Her story could have been just one of millions: stray kitten is born, struggles and vanishes into the night, never to be known or cherished.

But Tadpole’s tale was tougher still. The little wisp of white was born paraplegic, entirely unable to use her hind legs. With only her brave mother Froggie on her side, Tadpole was as fragile as a snowflake.

But love has its own strength, and it wasn’t Tadpole’s fate to melt into the darkness. Through a joyful series of events, Tadpole — together with mama Froggie and brother Toad — found warmth and wonder at Tabby’s Place.

With blue-green eyes that seemed too big for her body, Tadpole marveled at all the hands stroking her, arms embracing her, and smiles bubbling over with love for her from the instant of her arrival. Before the courageous kitten could take it all in, she’d been gently bathed, her skin (inflamed from urine scalding) soothed, and wrapped in blankets and safety.

As she found her footing (so to speak) in the foster home of Tabby’s Place’s Senior Veterinary Technician, Tadpole learned to swim through life with grace and grit. A feisty, fearless spirit kept us all in stitches as Tadpole hurtled up and down tall cat trees. Self-pity was nowhere to be seen as Tadpole’s self-confidence soared.

Such is the power of knowing you’re loved — and, thanks to Tabby’s Place, Tadpole will never have to doubt her belovedness, ever again. Her Special Needs are the furthest thing from her mind through her carefree days of purring and playtime.

But, Tadpole’s needs are always at the forefront of our minds. The snowflake with a heart of fire will need meticulous, tender care all of her days. That includes prescription food for her chronic gastrointestinal issues (not uncommon among paraplegic cats), frequent bathing and diaper changes, and a high level of monitoring, especially as she continues to grow.

At Tabby’s Place, we’re besotted with “The Pole,” and we know she will be the happy heart of any family she joins. Tadpole is a living, leaping miracle, and we trust there is a home out there that’s spectacular enough for her. But, we realize it will take a person or family as unique as a snowflake to take on Tadpole’s towering needs.

In the meantime, you can help Tadpole to sparkle and grow at Tabby’s Place. Please make our snow-white sweetheart part of your extended family, and sponsor Tadpole today. She promises to make you laugh out loud, and to love with all your heart.