Guest post: Sunshine

When streams of light reach through clouds in just the right way, it’s like some glorious hand is reaching down from heaven to touch us. It is so beautiful, so ethereal some call it “the fingers of god.” I’ve also learned others call it “Jacob’s Ladder” (which I always thought was a children’s game played […]

Guest post: Huh?

Ever start thinking, and then have your mind take off in one direction, then zing off in another until you have no idea how your thoughts got to the thought that led you to wonder about how you started thinking about what you were just thinking, and all that thinking made you forget everything that […]

Guest post: Imitating art

There’s a new show called “Connecting.” It’s about friends that are a family, who visit virtually in a variety of ways, and it’s set during now, or at least the extremely recent past. The pandemic, social distancing, excessive togetherness, and extreme aloneness are all addressed. So is online shopping.