Guest post: DO-OVER!

If any year ever needed a reboot, it’s this one. You all know the litany of improbables and predictables that have descended upon us with a vengeance. It would be great if 2020 were like a game of kickball. If enough of the players yell, “DO-OVER!”, then there’s a do-over. Whatever happened is voided, nullified, […]

A cat for every case

There are days when you need to listen to Yo-Yo Ma, and there are days when you need to listen to Lizzo.* There are days when you need to stick to practical purchases like pencils, and days when you need to buy a $12 crystal the size of a grapefruit. Fortunately for you, there are […]

Second firsts

This maddening time has been greedy for our goods. Whatever your station and situation, COVID-19 has surely reached its gooey fingers into your world to take, and take, and take. But every here and there, those grubby paws have dropped gifts into our laps. And, once we’ve thoroughly disinfected those gifts before bringing them into […]