Guest post: Sunshine

Guest post: Sunshine

When streams of light reach through clouds in just the right way, it’s like some glorious hand is reaching down from heaven to touch us.

It is so beautiful, so ethereal some call it “the fingers of god.” I’ve also learned others call it “Jacob’s Ladder” (which I always thought was a children’s game played with string). Still others call it “Buddha’s Rays.”

That last sounds to me like the enlightened one is taking a much needed, well-deserved vacation at the beach. For this, I envision the happiest version of Buddha, from whom we can learn so much, regardless of our belief system…or complete and total lack of system.

Digression done now.

In fact, these beautiful and inspiring sky lights are called crepuscular rays (tell me that doesn’t sound a bit icky in the itchy, gooey kind of way). These rays are parallel to each other and only seem to fan out majestically from our land-bound position. Perspective is everything, and nothing is exactly as it appears to be.

Our beloved Wilson is not only more fantabulistic than any crepuscular rays anywhere ever, he is also so much more than he appears to be. He looks like any beautiful old man cat who lives a life of ease and comfort.

Our treasured Simon? Magnificent and regal(ish). Adorable enough to inspire aaaawws and odes. Assured of being loved and cared for eternity plus one, he bathes us in beauty and light daily.

Too poetic for you?

Olive swats. Cotton demands.  Stafford…well, Stafford, he…uh…Staffords. Hard to put words to a street urchin in cat’s clothing. Where was I? Ah, yes, Koda is a bear (okay, no, but it sounds good). And, what about Verde? Does salsa dance sound good to you?

Whatever they are, however they are, each Tabby’s Place kitty lightens our moods and brightens our days. Brace yourself, it’s about to get overly poetic again.

We are the moon. Tabby’s Place cats are the sun. We reflect their brilliance for all the world to bear witness. They are rays of sunshine, and we shall bask evermore.

Okay, we’ll just hang out with them in sunspots, feed them, and play with them until they’re ready to nap in our laps or have attacks of the crazies.

Same difference.

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  1. Beautiful photos. Glowing cats with glowing personalities. I can see how these rays of sunshine could make the blues go away. Time spent with a cat will always brighten your day.

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