Guest post: Huh?

Guest post: Huh?

Ever start thinking, and then have your mind take off in one direction, then zing off in another until you have no idea how your thoughts got to the thought that led you to wonder about how you started thinking about what you were just thinking, and all that thinking made you forget everything that you had been thinking about?

Or, is it just me?

Sometimes I think my thoughts are like a cat.

Clarifying this point: I do not think my thoughts are ever quite like what a cat’s thoughts might be like. My thoughts are like a cat.

Specifically, the best way to explain the way my thoughts move around in my head is in one word: Cotton.

The little (not so very little any longer) zoom ball whizzes around at spectacular speed. If you don’t keep your eyes open and stay on your toes, you can miss a lot of the action with that one. Part creature, part ping-pong ball, Cotton is movement incarnate.

Try pinning the white streak of fluff down, and you’ll be as dazed as a doe in headlights. Strolling aside, just try anticipating Cotton’s next move.

Recommendation: don’t waste the energy trying to wrap your brain around that pure bolt of lightning in a diaper (wow, that sounds bad, but you know what I mean).

You’ll only end up stupefied and bewildered with your jaw dropping open to utter a barely audible, “Huh?”

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