Guest post: Going for a stroll

Guest post: Going for a stroll

Thanks to some very special volunteers — one who particularly entertains us with photos, commentary, and “competitions” — we are often reminded of the grand delights to be found in something as simple as a stroll outdoors.


Strolling with cats isn’t exactly as simple as just going going out for a stroll.

First, there is training, and we all know how hard it can be to train a volunteer. HA! HA!

Kidding aside, the cats need to be trained and cleared for stroller rides before they can be part of the program.

Once in the program, people, dates, and times have to be coordinated for a stroll to happen. To ensure safety, the stroll provider picks up a pre-packaged pussycat and strolls at a safe distance from other volunteers, sometimes even getting a careful visit with each other (yes, your page just went slightly green with my envy).

Even after, or even as, this all happens, there are the cats. They…well…it’s just that…sigh. Cats.

Cotton thinks every stroll is his. Adam thinks he should stroll before Mary. Mary thinks the “ladies first” rule applies to cats. Sophia breathes easy on a stroll. Faye, simply put, is queen. With many other strollees in the program, well…sigh…cats.

So, the next time you think about not going for a stroll because you have to put on shoes or “real” clothes, or do your hair, or because it’s so cozy on your chair or in bed, or whatever the reason, think about all the effort involved in taking a cat for a stroll, and get yourself out there.


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