Today and all days

Today and all days

Today is a day.

But no matter what they tell you, today is not “the” day that defines all days.

Pete expresses our collective feelings on this day. Nevertheless: Olé!

Listen, kittens; I know that an awful lot of us are awfully scared today.

I know that real and gigantic things will be determined before we squint our eyes into the sunlight of November 4th.

But let’s not forget that every day we’re given is “the” day to give it our all, and to love the world back into place, right in our own little invisible, immeasurable, invaluable worlds.

I don’t have any vast wisdom to speak into the fears of today, other than (a) be not afraid and (b) hark! I present you with cats at various stages of disgruntlement, lovingly/wickedly dressed by our very own staff.

And I present you with a song.

And I present you with my heart, come what may today, long after this day.

Today is just a day.

My best advice on this strange day…and all other strange days, for that matter:

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