Once upon a time, in a land called Tabby’s Place, there lived a beautiful princess named Faye…

If you enter our Suite B or its adjacent solarium, you won’t help but notice a lovely, long-haired, tufty, white cat with breathtaking eyes. Everyone who sees Faye gasps, star-struck by her beauty. Time and time again, visitors and potential adopters alike want to meet Faye. They want to pet and snuggle with Faye (who is usually more than happy to oblige). And they want to know Faye’s story.

Time and time again, we tell them: once upon a time, in a land called Tabby’s Place, there lived a beautiful princess named Faye. She is a beautiful cat. She is a playful cat. She is a friendly cat. She is a kind cat. She is a healthy cat.

And … she has a history of inappropriate elimination (not using her litter box) in her former home.

That’s all people need to hear. It’s not that they don’t like Faye, but they don’t want to be troubled with a cat who might not use her litter box.

We understand. But we aren’t sure if Faye understands: “Why did that wonderful person who just sat on the floor petting me abruptly turn her attention toward another cat? Why did those humans talk about me and then leave the room looking sad? Why does my fairy tale always abruptly pause?”

A history of inappropriate elimination is a problem, which is why Faye became a reluctant member of our “Special Needs” crew. Sometimes, not using the litter box can be a sign of a medical issue, like urinary crystals or bladder stones. Our medical workup on Faye has revealed no such issue. Similarly, not using the litter box can also be a sign of a behavioral issue, like anxiety. But here at Tabby’s Place, Faye uses her litter box… most of the time.

In recent years, Faye developed a new problem that adds to her “special needs.” Faye was diagnosed with GI lymphoma. She is on medications to keep this under control and so far, Faye is responding well to the treatment. In addition, Faye has a mild but persistent chronic ear infection, for which she requires occasional ear ointment. It’s certainly not a major health issue, but more of an added inconvenience.

Faye struggles to thoroughly groom her majestic mane. Rather than let her suffer through mats and tangles, we groom her regularly. Three times a year, Faye gets sedated for a “shave-down,” leaving her with the most darling haircut you can imagine.

We hope Faye’s forever family is out there, waiting for her as much as she is waiting for them. However, we understand the obstacles for Faye when it comes to finding her forever home.

But does it also present an obstacle for Faye when it comes to making forever friends? If you would like to be Faye’s forever friend and part of her story, please consider doing her the honor of choosing to be her sponsor.

Once upon a time, there was a wonderful human, looking for a way to change a cat’s life…

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