Forever loved: Faye

How do you catch a comet with a fairy-tale white tail? How do you shoehorn poetry into prose? How do you do justice to a giant of glamour and grace? You don’t. You simply behold, breathtaken and besotted. And in the case of Faye, you hold your beloved even when she’s slipped your arms.

Guest post: Looking up

Have you ever wanted to curl up in a fetal ball and never leave your bed again? Not the best idea. This world is filled with ups and downs. Sometimes, the downs feel like they’ll go on forever. Highly improbable. Besides, from our Earth-bound perspective (actually, probably from any perspective), there’s way the heck more […]

Second firsts

This maddening time has been greedy for our goods. Whatever your station and situation, COVID-19 has surely reached its gooey fingers into your world to take, and take, and take. But every here and there, those grubby paws have dropped gifts into our laps. And, once we’ve thoroughly disinfected those gifts before bringing them into […]