Guest post: Fatigues

Guest post: Fatigues

There are different kinds of tired and myriad ways to describe all of those kinds of tired.

Whole body shaking, exhausted to the point of dropping, bone weary, flat out, done in, worn out, fatigued.

We all get there some time or another. Now, more than ever, we get fatigued when we do, when we don’t do, from listening, from hearing, from too much, from not enough.

Lately, many of us are feeling fatigue like never before, and hopefully never will again. But, there is another way to look at fatigue. It’s protective.

In the armed forces, those who serve wear fatigues. Their uniforms are colored to match their surroundings. Now, the camouflage patterns are computer generated for optimal optical confusion. It’s effective and very protective.

Know who wears camouflaged fatigues all of the time? Torties! Well, also torbies, and pretty much every cat, depending on where each lives.

Think about it. Nature’s fatigues are highly protective in the right places.

White cats, like our Faye, can easily hide in a snowy landscape, and stay warm to boot. Black cats like Myrna, June, and Snoop can hide in any shadow or shady spot. Torties like Marjory and Hope can hide in any underbrush or forest floor. Their coats protect them from being seen, which is generally a good thing.

For us too, fatigue is ultimately protective. It’s our bodies and minds telling us when it is time to stop, take a break, sleep, rest, regroup.

Listen to your fatigue.

Do something good for you to refresh yourself, even if it’s shopping at the Army-Navy store to buy yourself a really cool set of surplus fatigues.

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